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University of Amsterdam (Bachelor)
PPLE All courses can be taken online until at least January 1, 2021. A step-by-step approach will be used to decide which components will be able to be offered physically on campus starting with small-scale activities. PPLE is encouraging students to return back to Amsterdam when and if it is possible and safe. However, PPLE still could not provide dates for when substantial on-campus teaching will commence. More information on:

Important information for new students:

Economics and Business Economics

Business Administration

Online in the first semester but will be reviewed on each block whether on-campus lecture will possible or not

Humanities All courses can be taken online in the first semester. Yet 125 courses will be taught on-site within the guidelines set by the government.


Social Sciences
Communication Science  Second- and third-year teaching will remain online for the first semester. First-year students will have 2 hours of on-campus studying combined with online teaching.
Political Science  An ‘online only’ scenario should be ready, it is the ‘fall back option’ for all teaching. We now make a set of firm choices for the way our teaching will be organized in block 1. In September 2020 there should be another (set of) meetings to see what options we have and what choices can be made from block 2 onwards.


Vrije University Hybrid for some cases (probably seminar) but mostly online(lectures are online). Block 1 and 2 are online and block 3 will be informed in October


Prosedur PP Belanda-Indonesia 

Dutch approach to Covid-19